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Tracking Kaltura Videos with Google Tag Manager

This blog outlines an approach to tracking Kaltura videos and audio with Google Tag Manager.  Before we dive in credit where it is due, I borrowed heavily from Nicky Yuen’s post on YouTube tracking, which in turn was initially developed by Stéphane Hamel thanks to both for a great starting point.    Read More

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The Well Tracked Digital Campaign – Offline Tracking

We are not at the “Minority Report” eye tracking stage and hope we do not get there! But how can we tell who is responding to our off-line campaigns?

You have seen and heard the snappy URLs on a TV spot, billboard or radio ad.    Read More

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Setting up a Google Analytics eCommerce Tag in Google Tag Manager

Hello all!

A quick post to show the steps in creating a Google Analytics eCommerce Transaction Tag in Google Tag Manager.

We are going to assume you have the basics in place – a Google Analytics Account and a Google Tag Manager account with the basic pageview tag setup.    Read More

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Who’s Reading My Content? How to separate readers from scanners…

Advanced Content Tracking – with Google Tag Manager

Have you ever wondered who is really reading your content?  Have you wanted to be able to evaluate all your content for true engagement – people who actually read your articles?  In this post we will show how you can use this reader information to better understand the value of your content.    Read More

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The Well Tracked Digital Campaign – Intro and Display Tagging

Campaigns today use multiple channels: emails, banners, paid search, search engine optimization, and social  all guiding potential customers to a great landing page.

However, at the end of the day it can be difficult to determine which channel performed better.  Add to that reports from several different sources, that don’t line up at all.  Read More

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Too good to be true…

Recently several clients were offered what appeared to be good marketing opportunity.

The offer was for the top position for a specific phrase.  The pitch was a single monthly price to be in the top spot with Google AdWords.

The trick was that our client was already in the top spot for that keyword (and a lot more) in an already running AdWords campaign (clearly the offering company had not checked this detail).    Read More

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Tracking Outbound Links with Google Tag Manager

Use Google Tag Manager’s to track Outbound Links

This blog article is a follow-on to an earlier article that showed how to Track PDF downloads in the latest version of Google Tag Manager (V2).  This blog will show the same approach used for tracking outbound links – to either an Google Analytics Event or to a Virtual Page View.  Read More

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Upgrade to Google’s Universal Analytics using Google Tag Manager

Well Google’s Universal Analytics is more than a year old! With all the new features – demographics, cross device tracking (User ID), enhanced link attribution, sub-domain tracking by default, easier cross domain tracking, enhanced ecommerce, more control from the admin panel…  You would think every one would have upgraded by now – right

Well in the classes I teach and the clients I work with it is clear there are a lot of websites that are due for this upgrade.    Read More

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Tracking PDF Downloads with Google Tag Manager

Use Google Tag Manager’s new user interface to track PDF Downloads

The new version of Google Tag Manager is a lot easier to work with – no more triggers, listeners and rules…  They are all combined into triggers.  Two of our favorite Tags we setup in the old version of Google Tag Manager were tags to track PDF downloads and tags to track outbound links.   Read More

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Holiday Dark Chocolate Truffles

OK – Today’s post is completely different.

At our company holiday dinner we were discussing a variety of recipes – meatballs, red sauce… and thought that might be a fun addition to our blog.  So here goes our first recipe – a Holiday Favorite:


1 cup heavy cream
12 ounces bittersweet chocolate – chop into small chunks
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/4 cup brandy
1/2 cup cocoa powder


In a saucepan heat the cream to a simmer.  Read More

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Launch Announcement – Alpha Analytical’s New Customer Center

Alpha Analytical – an industry leader in environmental testing –Alpha Analytical homepage with login to Customer Center. tapped Trionia to expand their already impressive offering of online data services for customers. The Alpha Analytical / Trionia team designed and created Alpha Analytical’s Customer Center, a new suite of online tools specifically designed to help Alpha customers easily access the data and information they need to better manage their projects.  Read More

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Google Analytics – Setting Goals

One great feature is the ability to set user goals in Google Analytics – like everywhere else on our website we are trying to answer the following questions:

  • Are we providing what are users are looking for?
  • Is it easy for them to find this information?
  Read More

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Top 5 Questions Clients Ask About Search Engine Marketing

Even though using Google and other search engines has become as habitual in our day-to-day lives as a morning cup of coffee, many clients undertaking their first search engine marketing campaigns realize that advertising on Google may not be entirely intuitive.  Read More

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URL Tag Checking with GA Debugger

Last post we showed how to install the Google Analytics debugger – this post we show one great way to use this tool.

Whenever you create a banner or email campaign – an important step is to tag the URL to ensure accurate tracking within Google Analytics.  Read More

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Google Analytics Debugger – Introduction

A few blog post ago we walked through how to use Google Tag Assistant to check your Google Analytics implementation. For a simple implementation, Tag Assistant works great. However, once you start really using Google Analytics fully for tagging URLs, tracking events and ecommerce you will need a more comprehensive tool to check your implementation – this is where the Google Analytics Debugger comes in.  Read More

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How do I know Google Analytics is Working?

A regular question in our analytics seminars is how to tell if Analytics is installed correctly.  There are several methods of checking – the two we like best are Chrome add-ons Tag Assistant and Google Analytics Debugger.

Using Tag Assistant to Check Your Analytics Code

Google’s Tag Assistant is a great add-on to use for checking tags on your site as well as tags on other sites you may need to understand better.  Read More

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How to Improve your Website Page Speed

Using the Google Analytics – Page Speed Report

Page speed is important for a lot of reasons – the first is pretty obvious – we all want ourGoogle Analytics Page Speed menu link information NOW!  The second is that speed actually impacts your SEO.  See what Google’s Matt Cutts has to say – in 2010 and more recently More

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Link Exchanges – what are they good for?

Recently a client was forwarded data on some competitors sites.  One of the stats that popped out was a site that had a large number of inbound links.  And we all know an inbound link is a vote for the site – so how do we get more links!  Read More

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Google Analytics Training Follow-up

We have been presenting how to use and implement Google Analytics quite a bit recently and get some very good questions.  A few questions and answers are:

How to implement Google Analytics on a dynamic website?

This analytics support answer outlines a straightforward approach.   Read More

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Analytics – Definitions

So we have Google analytics (or any analytics for that matter) running on our website and we look at the reports and what the …?  What are all these new words?  Analytics, like many fields, has a unique vocabulary for describing the various measures and metrics.   Read More

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Google Analytics – Background & Installation


Over the following weeks we’ll be posting introductory information on Google Analytics.  These articles will help to lead into an upcoming Boston PHP Meetup scheduled for 15 Dec 2010.  In this article we’ll briefly discuss analytics in general and then show how to install the basic Google Analytics tracking code on your website.

  Read More

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3 Point – Cloud Application Review

Very nice review of cloud applications, including a nice mention of Trionia, from 3 Point Communications.  The applications include Basecamp (our favorite project management tool), DimDim and Google docs.  Read More

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Just in Time Media

Interesting talk by Bob Katz, CEO of Vail Resorts (  He discusses how the lead time for ski vacation bookings has been reduced from 6 to 9 months in advance to as little as 3 to 4 weeks in advance.  This in turn has led to a change in media buying.  Instead of committing to long lead time print campaigns, Vail Resorts has instead of spending 80% of their budget by early December; they have 80% of their budget ready to commit to online spending to target the new decision cycle for vacation rentals.  The result is a shortened time cycle for weekly messaging – in social media, display advertising and search engine marketing.  Read More

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Website Updates – How a Content Management System can help!

Website Maintenance

Do you want to make changes to your website?  Do you have to request and then wait for your request to get to the top of the queue at your web firm ?  Does a typo sit in an update for days?   Read More

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User Generated Content the online handmade goods website – has turned to handmade advertisments.  As you can see – the ads are quite good.  Not surprising that a creative group could make a set of good ‘handmade’ video spots.  Check them out at:

What might be surprising is how good, the production value of the 10 final spots are all fairly good.   Read More

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Avinash Kaushik Gives You 5 Tips to Increase Your Web ROI

Avinash Kaushik gives a phenomenal presentation on 5 tips for your web strategy. Definitely check out his video below!

  Read More

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How to Make Analytics Work for Your Business

There’s a lot of mystery associated with how businesses can leverage web analytics. Even companies who define clear goals often get lost in the data deluge.

In an article penned over at Imedia Connection by Andrew Edwards, the case is made for the value of expertise.  Read More

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Is Traditional Advertising Dead?

Is traditional advertising dead?

Eric Clemons, Professor of Operations and Information Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, thinks so.

In this article over at TechCrunch he argues advertising will fail for three reasons:

  • Consumers do not trust advertising.
  Read More

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The True Value of Online Display Ads

Are my banner ads working?

A dialog has begun in the advertising world about the relative value of advertising in the online space. The problem: how to appropriately value online ads. Pay per Click ads have a built in edge when it comes to tying to an ROI – client clicks on ad, comes to website, purchase product.  Read More

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How Do I Optimize My Website for Local Results?

A question often asked to us is “How do I SEO my website?” or “How can I be at the top of the search results?”. The short answer is that it’s complicated, a lot of work, and ever changing. Anyone who tells you flatly that they can take your website and give you top search results in a matter of days or weeks is at best lying and worst using tactics that will create more harm in the long run than any short term good.  Read More

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What is an Interactive Ad Agency?

The discussion (read debate) of “what is an interactive ad agency” continues…

Over at, they have a great write up on the future of creative in a technology centric give me results now world. Blending and balancing creativity with technology and measurement.  Read More

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SEO Part II – What Can I do to Improve our SERP?

An important component of any digital marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Of course it is important to keep in mind that SEO takes work and patience.  The changes in search results are purposely slow – Google and other search engines do not want people to game the system and shoot to the top of the list.   Read More

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The 2009 Digital State of the Union

MITX Digital Strategy Series – Summary – 22Jan2009

Quick blog posting of a recent meeting I attended regarding the “2009 Digital State”.  This very topical and interesting event was hosted by the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology (MITX).  And sponsored by Collective MediaRead More

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Data and more data? How to make sense of Website Analytics?

You have a website.  Next question: “How many hits has our website gotten?”

Well with today’s analytics tools you can we look a lot smarter than just answering: “how many hits?”.  You can also answer these questions:

  • How many visitors are coming to  our site? 
  Read More

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Bounce Rate – How to keep people interested!

A common area to website improvement is lowering the bounce rate. Of the many websites we review this is typically our first suggestion for improvement.

Just to refresh, bounce rate is defined as a visitor that leaves a website after viewing a single page.  Read More

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Comparative Metrics – How many people visit my competitor’s website?

When measuring website traffic or planning a new website there are two common questions:

  • How many people visit my competitor’s websites?
  • How many people can I expect to visit my new website?

While each question is simple – accurate answers are critical to making good business decisions.  Read More

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Intro to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today’s topic is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the digital marketing tactic of modifying a website, webpages and links to the website so that they appear higher in the results of online search engines or search engine result placement (SERP).  Read More

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Website Considerations

Our subject today is websites – in digital marketing your new front door.

What do you do when someone mentions a new company? You type in their URL and start to read about the company, products, services, history, leadership… Because this is typically now the first window into your business you must have an effective website that:

  1. Re-enforces your brand;
  2. Is easy to use;
  3. Can be found – by people and search engines; and
  4. Is measurable.
  Read More

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the term we use at Trionia to define communicating with your customers and potential customers over the internet. Websites are the first obvious example, but email, online video and search marketing are all some of the many ways of communicating with customers over the internet.  Read More

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