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Our subject today is websites – in digital marketing your new front door.

What do you do when someone mentions a new company? You type in their URL and start to read about the company, products, services, history, leadership… Because this is typically now the first window into your business you must have an effective website that:

  1. Re-enforces your brand;
  2. Is easy to use;
  3. Can be found – by people and search engines; and
  4. Is measurable.

Brand – your website has to reflect your brand in every nook and cranny. Is your brand flashy then your website should be too. Are you industry experts? If so your website should have a wealth of information – or examples of your expertise to entice potential customers.

Ease of use – people come to websites with a goal in mind. Make it easy for them to achieve this goal. If they are coming to find out about your services make it easy to find out an overview and the details. If they are coming to purchase a product – make the flow as simple as possible – a change as simple as removing an extra click can make big differences.

Easy to find – make sure that your website can be easily scanned by search engines (Search Engine Optimization – SEO). Also think from your typical user’s perspective when deciding on search terms. All too often technical or industry terms are used instead of the terms a layperson (and search user) would likely choose.

Measurable – every interaction with your website helps to solve the puzzle of what customers and potential customers are looking for. In fact by constantly measuring and updating your site you can successfully improve on the first three items – with the overall goal of adding new customers. (Online Analytics – a topic we will explore shortly, is the technical name for how to track website information.)

Thanks for your time – as always topic ideas and general feedback are appreciated.

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