Intro to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Today’s topic is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the digital marketing tactic of modifying a website, webpages and links to the website so that they appear higher in the results of online search engines or search engine result placement (SERP). It is important that all websites and web pages have a high result so it is as easy for your customers to find you as possible.

Search engines position pages in the search results based on the ‘relevance’ of the page to the search term. This relevance is determined by the content of your site and the external links to your site.

SEO and SEM illustration.

The content on the page – including page titles, keywords used in the text, meta-tags – tags hidden in the source of your website pages that help define the contents and keywords for a page- text headings; even image text has a bearing on search result placement. The keywords chosen should be from your customer’s perspective – avoid industry specific or technical terms unless you want to attract a very specific target group.

External links to a web page also has a major bearing on how high the website or pages are shown in search results. In fact Google determines it’s “PageRank” based largely on the links from external sites. The links are referred to as “votes” for a site or page. Work with partners and customers to include links to your website on their website. Public relations announcements are another good approach to building these external rankings. (Avoid the temptation to trade links with non-related company sites or ‘link baiting’, putting your links on unrelated chat boards to boast rankings – it will backfire!)

It really does come down to relevant information in the long run so focus on good page development with accurate titles and headings. Then make sure your content is sure to draw your audience back now and in the future.

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