How do I know Google Analytics is Working?

Posted on June 12th, by Jay Murphy in Analytics, Digital Marketing, Digital Tactics. 2 comments

A regular question in our analytics seminars is how to tell if Analytics is installed correctly.  There are several methods of checking – the two we like best are Chrome add-ons Tag Assistant and Google Analytics Debugger.

Using Tag Assistant to Check Your Analytics Code

Google’s Tag Assistant is a great add-on to use for checking tags on your site as well as tags on other sites you may need to understand better. The video below shows how to install and then use tag assistant to check a website. Just FYI – you will need Chrome to use this add-on.

In addition to checking Google Analytics installation – Tag Assistant will also check AdWords Conversion tracking and Tag Manager tags.

The link to download this add-on is here:

Tag Assistant – Chrome Web Store

Our next blog entry is going to be the extra credit version using Google Analytics Debugger to check for URL Tagging, Events and more – stay tuned. And if you have Measurement topics or General Online Marketing topics you would like us to cover – let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “How do I know Google Analytics is Working?

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