URL Tag Checking with GA Debugger

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URL Tag Checking with GA Debugger

Last post we showed how to install the Google Analytics debugger – this post we show one great way to use this tool.

Whenever you create a banner or email campaign – an important step is to tag the URL to ensure accurate tracking within Google Analytics. The Google URL Builder steps you through the process. Once you have a tag (or tags) created you can check that the URL travels to the correct page and view the input in the Chrome console for the Google Analytics Debugger – the Source, Medium and Campaign settings should correspond to your tags. (The Keyword and Content may optionally also be set.)GA Debug URL Tagging Console Window

The image to the right shows the values that will be set by the URL tagging – visible in the Chrome Console when GA Debugger is turned on.

This video shows how to set up a URL with tagging and then check it in the Google Analytics Debugger.

The next video in the series will use GA Debug to validate events.

Fire away with any other topics of interest!

For your reference here is the link to the first post in this series
Google Analytics Debugger – Introduction

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