Too good to be true…

Recently several clients were offered what appeared to be good marketing opportunity.

The offer was for the top position for a specific phrase.  The pitch was a single monthly price to be in the top spot with Google AdWords.

The trick was that our client was already in the top spot for that keyword (and a lot more) in an already running AdWords campaign (clearly the offering company had not checked this detail).  However, with a combination of a persuasive sales person and changing the terms from price per keyword + management fees to a fixed fee they had successfully confused the cost and value of the offer.

But looking at the numbers what we see is (numbers rounded to simplify the example):

New Offer

$750 per month for top spot for one keyword.

Current campaign

$230 per month for top spot for this single keyword + $40 per month fee (pro-rated from the overall monthly management fee)

So this new offer would cost almost $500 more to add a new vendor and get results that are already covered in the current AdWords campaign.

Lesson Learned

If you receive what looks like a great deal for search – pull out your analytics and convert offers to an apples to apples comparison!

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