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Tracking Kaltura Videos with Google Tag Manager

This blog outlines an approach to tracking Kaltura videos and audio with Google Tag Manager.  Before we dive in credit where it is due, I borrowed heavily from Nicky Yuen’s post on YouTube tracking, which in turn was initially developed by Stéphane Hamel thanks to both for a great starting point.    Read More

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The Well Tracked Digital Campaign – Offline Tracking

We are not at the “Minority Report” eye tracking stage and hope we do not get there! But how can we tell who is responding to our off-line campaigns?

You have seen and heard the snappy URLs on a TV spot, billboard or radio ad.    Read More

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Who’s Reading My Content? How to separate readers from scanners…

Advanced Content Tracking – with Google Tag Manager

Have you ever wondered who is really reading your content?  Have you wanted to be able to evaluate all your content for true engagement – people who actually read your articles?  In this post we will show how you can use this reader information to better understand the value of your content.    Read More

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The Well Tracked Digital Campaign – Intro and Display Tagging

Campaigns today use multiple channels: emails, banners, paid search, search engine optimization, and social  all guiding potential customers to a great landing page.

However, at the end of the day it can be difficult to determine which channel performed better.  Add to that reports from several different sources, that don’t line up at all.  Read More

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Too good to be true…

Recently several clients were offered what appeared to be good marketing opportunity.

The offer was for the top position for a specific phrase.  The pitch was a single monthly price to be in the top spot with Google AdWords.

The trick was that our client was already in the top spot for that keyword (and a lot more) in an already running AdWords campaign (clearly the offering company had not checked this detail).    Read More

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Upgrade to Google’s Universal Analytics using Google Tag Manager

Well Google’s Universal Analytics is more than a year old! With all the new features – demographics, cross device tracking (User ID), enhanced link attribution, sub-domain tracking by default, easier cross domain tracking, enhanced ecommerce, more control from the admin panel…  You would think every one would have upgraded by now – right

Well in the classes I teach and the clients I work with it is clear there are a lot of websites that are due for this upgrade.    Read More

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Google Analytics – Setting Goals

One great feature is the ability to set user goals in Google Analytics – like everywhere else on our website we are trying to answer the following questions:

  • Are we providing what are users are looking for?
  • Is it easy for them to find this information?
  Read More

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Top 5 Questions Clients Ask About Search Engine Marketing

Even though using Google and other search engines has become as habitual in our day-to-day lives as a morning cup of coffee, many clients undertaking their first search engine marketing campaigns realize that advertising on Google may not be entirely intuitive.  Read More

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URL Tag Checking with GA Debugger

Last post we showed how to install the Google Analytics debugger – this post we show one great way to use this tool.

Whenever you create a banner or email campaign – an important step is to tag the URL to ensure accurate tracking within Google Analytics.  Read More

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Google Analytics Debugger – Introduction

A few blog post ago we walked through how to use Google Tag Assistant to check your Google Analytics implementation. For a simple implementation, Tag Assistant works great. However, once you start really using Google Analytics fully for tagging URLs, tracking events and ecommerce you will need a more comprehensive tool to check your implementation – this is where the Google Analytics Debugger comes in.  Read More

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