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Google Analytics Training Follow-up

We have been presenting how to use and implement Google Analytics quite a bit recently and get some very good questions.  A few questions and answers are:

How to implement Google Analytics on a dynamic website?

This analytics support answer outlines a straightforward approach.   Read More

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Google Analytics – Background & Installation


Over the following weeks we’ll be posting introductory information on Google Analytics.  These articles will help to lead into an upcoming Boston PHP Meetup scheduled for 15 Dec 2010.  In this article we’ll briefly discuss analytics in general and then show how to install the basic Google Analytics tracking code on your website.

  Read More

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Avinash Kaushik Gives You 5 Tips to Increase Your Web ROI

Avinash Kaushik gives a phenomenal presentation on 5 tips for your web strategy. Definitely check out his video below!

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How to Make Analytics Work for Your Business

There’s a lot of mystery associated with how businesses can leverage web analytics. Even companies who define clear goals often get lost in the data deluge.

In an article penned over at Imedia Connection by Andrew Edwards, the case is made for the value of expertise.  Read More

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Data and more data? How to make sense of Website Analytics?

You have a website.  Next question: “How many hits has our website gotten?”

Well with today’s analytics tools you can we look a lot smarter than just answering: “how many hits?”.  You can also answer these questions:

  • How many visitors are coming to  our site? 
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Bounce Rate – How to keep people interested!

A common area to website improvement is lowering the bounce rate. Of the many websites we review this is typically our first suggestion for improvement.

Just to refresh, bounce rate is defined as a visitor that leaves a website after viewing a single page.  Read More

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Comparative Metrics – How many people visit my competitor’s website?

When measuring website traffic or planning a new website there are two common questions:

  • How many people visit my competitor’s websites?
  • How many people can I expect to visit my new website?

While each question is simple – accurate answers are critical to making good business decisions.  Read More

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