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How to Improve your Website Page Speed

Using the Google Analytics – Page Speed Report

Page speed is important for a lot of reasons – the first is pretty obvious – we all want ourGoogle Analytics Page Speed menu link information NOW!  The second is that speed actually impacts your SEO.  See what Google’s Matt Cutts has to say – in 2010 and more recently More

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Link Exchanges – what are they good for?

Recently a client was forwarded data on some competitors sites.  One of the stats that popped out was a site that had a large number of inbound links.  And we all know an inbound link is a vote for the site – so how do we get more links!  Read More

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Website Updates – How a Content Management System can help!

Website Maintenance

Do you want to make changes to your website?  Do you have to request and then wait for your request to get to the top of the queue at your web firm ?  Does a typo sit in an update for days?   Read More

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How Do I Optimize My Website for Local Results?

A question often asked to us is “How do I SEO my website?” or “How can I be at the top of the search results?”. The short answer is that it’s complicated, a lot of work, and ever changing. Anyone who tells you flatly that they can take your website and give you top search results in a matter of days or weeks is at best lying and worst using tactics that will create more harm in the long run than any short term good.  Read More

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SEO Part II – What Can I do to Improve our SERP?

An important component of any digital marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Of course it is important to keep in mind that SEO takes work and patience.  The changes in search results are purposely slow – Google and other search engines do not want people to game the system and shoot to the top of the list.   Read More

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Intro to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today’s topic is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the digital marketing tactic of modifying a website, webpages and links to the website so that they appear higher in the results of online search engines or search engine result placement (SERP).  Read More

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