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The Well Tracked Digital Campaign – Offline Tracking

We are not at the “Minority Report” eye tracking stage and hope we do not get there! But how can we tell who is responding to our off-line campaigns?

You have seen and heard the snappy URLs on a TV spot, billboard or radio ad.    Read More

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Link Exchanges – what are they good for?

Recently a client was forwarded data on some competitors sites.  One of the stats that popped out was a site that had a large number of inbound links.  And we all know an inbound link is a vote for the site – so how do we get more links!  Read More

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Google Analytics Training Follow-up

We have been presenting how to use and implement Google Analytics quite a bit recently and get some very good questions.  A few questions and answers are:

How to implement Google Analytics on a dynamic website?

This analytics support answer outlines a straightforward approach.   Read More

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Just in Time Media

Interesting talk by Bob Katz, CEO of Vail Resorts (  He discusses how the lead time for ski vacation bookings has been reduced from 6 to 9 months in advance to as little as 3 to 4 weeks in advance.  This in turn has led to a change in media buying.  Instead of committing to long lead time print campaigns, Vail Resorts has instead of spending 80% of their budget by early December; they have 80% of their budget ready to commit to online spending to target the new decision cycle for vacation rentals.  The result is a shortened time cycle for weekly messaging – in social media, display advertising and search engine marketing.  Read More

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Website Updates – How a Content Management System can help!

Website Maintenance

Do you want to make changes to your website?  Do you have to request and then wait for your request to get to the top of the queue at your web firm ?  Does a typo sit in an update for days?   Read More

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User Generated Content the online handmade goods website – has turned to handmade advertisments.  As you can see – the ads are quite good.  Not surprising that a creative group could make a set of good ‘handmade’ video spots.  Check them out at:

What might be surprising is how good, the production value of the 10 final spots are all fairly good.   Read More

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Avinash Kaushik Gives You 5 Tips to Increase Your Web ROI

Avinash Kaushik gives a phenomenal presentation on 5 tips for your web strategy. Definitely check out his video below!

  Read More

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How to Make Analytics Work for Your Business

There’s a lot of mystery associated with how businesses can leverage web analytics. Even companies who define clear goals often get lost in the data deluge.

In an article penned over at Imedia Connection by Andrew Edwards, the case is made for the value of expertise.  Read More

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Is Traditional Advertising Dead?

Is traditional advertising dead?

Eric Clemons, Professor of Operations and Information Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, thinks so.

In this article over at TechCrunch he argues advertising will fail for three reasons:

  • Consumers do not trust advertising.
  Read More

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The True Value of Online Display Ads

Are my banner ads working?

A dialog has begun in the advertising world about the relative value of advertising in the online space. The problem: how to appropriately value online ads. Pay per Click ads have a built in edge when it comes to tying to an ROI – client clicks on ad, comes to website, purchase product.  Read More

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