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How Do I Optimize My Website for Local Results?

A question often asked to us is “How do I SEO my website?” or “How can I be at the top of the search results?”. The short answer is that it’s complicated, a lot of work, and ever changing. Anyone who tells you flatly that they can take your website and give you top search results in a matter of days or weeks is at best lying and worst using tactics that will create more harm in the long run than any short term good.  Read More

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What is an Interactive Ad Agency?

The discussion (read debate) of “what is an interactive ad agency” continues…

Over at, they have a great write up on the future of creative in a technology centric give me results now world. Blending and balancing creativity with technology and measurement.  Read More

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The 2009 Digital State of the Union

MITX Digital Strategy Series – Summary – 22Jan2009

Quick blog posting of a recent meeting I attended regarding the “2009 Digital State”.  This very topical and interesting event was hosted by the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology (MITX).  And sponsored by Collective MediaRead More

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Data and more data? How to make sense of Website Analytics?

You have a website.  Next question: “How many hits has our website gotten?”

Well with today’s analytics tools you can we look a lot smarter than just answering: “how many hits?”.  You can also answer these questions:

  • How many visitors are coming to  our site? 
  Read More

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Bounce Rate – How to keep people interested!

A common area to website improvement is lowering the bounce rate. Of the many websites we review this is typically our first suggestion for improvement.

Just to refresh, bounce rate is defined as a visitor that leaves a website after viewing a single page.  Read More

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